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    The Ultimate Solution For Moms To Save Time And Live In Style! Having children is a beautiful miracle and is also so stressful, no matter how much you’ve looked forward to it or how much you love your child. My name is Israa Amer , a wife & a mom who is in love for a life of style. My...
    October 24, 2019 · 2
    Meet Sarah Mahmoud - Mama feed  "I'm a mother of 2, graduated from Business Administration from Ain Shams University in 2007, then jumped into the corporate world for 8 consecutive years, this is when my passion for food started to really itch. I started up @SeasonsMix my third Baby, a...
    كل سنة وانتوا طيبين :) سنة دراسية جديدة عايزه اشاركوا فيها الروتين اللي اتعودت مع الوقت إني أطبقه مع بداية كل سنة دراسية واللي الهدف الأساسي منه هو تسهيل أيام الدراسة علينا وعلى أولادنا   هبدأ ومن غير ما أطول عليكوا بأول خطوه اتعودت أعملها وبعتبرها "سر" نجاح أي مرحلة محتاجه تطبيق وهي التفكير ...
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    My name is Israa Amer, a young mom to a beautiful girl and two loving boys <3


    I have a great passion towards fashion and style, and I believe In order to be a great mom, I MUST look after myself, MY marriage and MY life. I will be sharing with you my personal thoughts and solutions that works well for me, hoping that it would inspire you through your motherhood journey and make you look good & feel good about yourself.

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