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A successful entrepreneurial "mama" story!

Sally Barakat "A young mom who lives with passion!"

Sally Barakat is a wife and a mom of two boys, who lives with passion! She is a Fashion/beauty and lifestyle blogger, and a successful personal stylist. How does she manage to have this balance between passion & motherhood lifestyle?! Follow her tips & tricks for a happy passionate "MAMA" lifestyle in this 5 questions interview :)

1) What inspired you to start your own brand as a fashion stylist?


Well, first of all I did it just for fun! As a way to post my daily outfits and life style, then the feed back overwhelmed me, I didn't expect it at all. I realized then,that maybe that is my thing! I can add something to it, you know nowadays everybody is blogging.I thought maybe there is this little place for me and I really got inspired by people and how supporting and nice they are.

2) How do you think fashion/beauty can help mums?


Fashion and beauty is not about what's trendy and what's not, it's not about your shape, size or title, it's about who you really are and how you are feeling on this day, fashion is a way of expressing your self without even talking, colors, shapes, textures, textiles ... it's endless!
For me fashion is art, I like to give meaning, character and story to every piece I wear and that's the whole idea behind my blog, it's not just clothes it's beyond that, the effort a stylist puts into styling someone is tremendous, to dress someone and make him feel comfortable in his own skin is priceless.

3) Being a mom is a full time job - how do you manage getting your business off the ground? 

Well, that's the hardest part, hats off to all moms out there , being a mother of two and managing to work, go to shoots, meetings, and clients is very hard it takes a lot of time managing skills, and a supporting spouse that has your back.

4) What is your advice to entrepreneurial moms?


My advice to everyone is never quit your dreams never! It might look hard and sometimes impossible but if there is a will there is a way.
And for moms: motherhood is a blessing it's not an obstacle, it makes you stronger, more patient and an expert in multitasking. So no excuses if you want it you do it "mom or no mom!"

5) Tell us the one secret behind being a modern in-Style mom.


One secret is love your self, being selfish every now and then is completely ok, get a massage, read a book, get your nails done whatever makes you happy take a couple of hours off every week so you can go on and Handle your very busy life.
Taking care of your self will sure make you happier and more confident. I try to eat as healthy and clean as I can, work out 4-5 days a week( wish could include running around the play ground while my kids play, or do some at home excersise, if I'm lucky I'll hit the gym) but I make it work.

"Never take motherhood as an excuse to not live In-Style!"

- Israa Amer

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