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A successful Mompreneur!

Sharing her story with useful Kitchen Hacks!

Meet Sarah Mahmoud - Mama feed 

"I'm a mother of 2, graduated from Business Administration from Ain Shams University in 2007, then jumped into the corporate world for 8 consecutive years, this is when my passion for food started to really itch.

I started up @SeasonsMix my third Baby, a handcrafted Herbs and Spices blends from my small apartment in Dubai, imported my first bottles' shipment from China, tested recipes, drove to new areas to deliver orders, took part at markets, built social media & started broadcasting my journey to the world.

Things slowly got bigger with the help of my Sisters based in Cairo. We are currently operable in UAE & Egypt, with future plans to expand internationally.

1. Share with us 3 “life changing” things that living with passion has transformed in your regular life as a mom.

- To keep it simple, when you love what you do, you're excited to get the work done, you feel so happy with small accomplishments & you're constantly striving to be better.

- This passion passes on to your family members including your children. It's so rewarding when you hear the little ones speak about your work and start forming their own thoughts of what they would like to accomplish.

- Managing my time is obviously a big plus. It's a lot of work though, & it mostly comes with an unsteady income. You need to be prepared for the risk, it's part of the process & is totally worth it!

2. Preparing daily ideas for lunchbox wether for kids or for work is a big thing for most of us. What are your top lunch box hacks to help reduce kitchen time.

- Prepare as much as possible the night before, fill your water bottles, wash the veggies, anything you can do to ease the morning stress of getting ready is good.

- Leftovers are your best friend,

Here are some common transformations:

- Any pasta is turned into a salad the next day.

- Leftover chicken into quesadillas or sandwiches.

- Leftover rice into fried rice with some soy sauce, garlic, ginger & frozen veggies/ corn & or mushrooms, you can really add in anything into it.

- Prepare some things in bulk for your freezer such as: Sambouseh, Chicken cutlets, burgers, kofta all that can be quickly thrown into the air fryer in the morning & into lunch boxes.

3. I always struggle to find one meal that all my family members agree on! Share with us an easy recipe that you always make & suggest we try as a family.

These days we've rediscovered Salmon following a very simple pan searing technique.

Here are the steps:

1- Buy some Salmon fillets.

2- Get them out of your fridge half an hour before you cook.

3- Get a nice non stick pan or cast iron over high heat, then add olive oil to it.

4- Season your fish on all sides. Our favorite best selling mix is the “Original” SeasonsMix blend.

5- Gently place into the high heated pan skin side down undisturbed or touched for about 4 to 5 mins (this will depend on size & thickness of your fish).

6- Once 2/3 of the fish color changes into opaque, flip on the other side.

7- Fish tend to overcook, so you don't want to cook it for more than 7-10 minutes.

8- Serve with with rice, pasta, salad or zoodles & a lemon squeeze.

4. Being a mom & running a small business is real work! Share with us your top strategies for professional accomplishments?​

- To Do Lists are the way to go.

I use them a lot for daily tasks & grocery shopping lists.

(I use the App Todist which sends me reminders as well, also feels great when I tick things off).

- A team that you trust that supports you. mostly family members for startups.

Give them all the info they need, every single nitty gritty detail, spend time, train them, monitor, guide and produce written standard operating procedures for each process to follow.

5. What would you like to share with the world.

My main goal in addition to the obvious (Running Business) is to have a positive impact in life.

Since food brings people together, I’m hoping that SeasonsMix & the recipes I create will inspire you to cook more yet keeping it simple, enjoyable & made of real wholesome ingredients.

Here comes the end of our interview..

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Stay tuned for more #mompreneurs inspiring successful stories that reminds us to stay connected to our passion & live a meaningful life.

Never take motherhood as an excuse for not living In-Style! - Israa Amer

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