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an interview with a young inspiring "mama"!

5 questions with inspiring answers that encourages every mom to live In style!

Today's interview is with Ana! A beautiful young mama to a baby girl. Her blog "The blushing mama" is dedicated to all the mamas and women. Through her motherhood journey and lifestyle she supports and encourages all mamas to feel beautiful and strong! In her blog she discusses motherhood, style, beauty and travel. Make sure to follow her for more inspiration :)

Let's get started :)

1) How would you describe your style right now? Did it change a lot after being a mom?

I would describe my style as casual-chic, if that is even a thing. I definitely love the casual jeans, tee and sneakers (with a bold accessory) but I'm also super into dresses and a few on-trend clothing pieces.

I don't think my style changed too much as mom, since my style has always been pretty casual and classic. However, I do tend to think about how comfortable my shoes are, if you are a mom of a toddler then you know what I'm talking about! When it comes to dresses, mostly my summer/spring dresses I just make sure that they're long enough that when I bend or run after my daughter that I won't be flashing anyone!

2) How do you think fashion/beauty can help moms?

I think when you become a mom you definitely let go of certain parts of yourself, which is not a bad thing. However, I know I sometimes miss that care-free side of me. So having a way of expressing your "old" or "pre-mom" self is such a great boost! You know, being able to say yes, I'm a mom - but I can still rock this cute spring dress or wear a bold eyeliner, I think its empowering that we can have both.

3) What are your three favorite mom-friendly pieces in your closet right now?

  • The first one that comes to mind are my Converse sneakers. Like, that to me screams comfort and honestly they make me feel cool. LOL! 
  • Second has to be this long cardigan (I actually have it in two colors) but again, its comfortable and it looks so chic! I like wearing it over lace tops, dresses and just anything pretty much! 
  • Lastly, any loose/flowy top is good in my book. But I have a specific one that is my favorite, its long sleeve, light blue and I just pair with a chunky necklace and tada'! you look like you actually tried! 

4) Share with us your top style Icon who influences you as a mom to dress InStyle!

I don't think I've ever really looked up to any style Icons but I definitely have been influenced by a couple of celebrities' styles such as Emma Stone and Hillary Duff. I think they're the definition of looking casual, chic and comfy - which I am all about! Also, growing up watching my mom get ready for work, wearing heels, always looking put together I think it had a lot to do with me loving to dress up and being into style and beauty.

5) Tell us the one secret behind being a modern stylish mom!

Well, I don't know if I have a secret for you. However, one thing I can say is to have a few moments out of the day or week for yourself. Whether its to put together your outfit for the day, do a quick 5 minute makeup, or doing your nails ever so often after the kiddos go to bed. I actually wrote an entire blog post about this Tips to Get Ready Fast! just a few quick tips on how to make yourself presentable and looking gorge without taking hours at a time!

That was the end of our interview with the beautiful Ana! To know more about her lifestyle as a mom living In-Style follow her Instagram account "blushingmama".

Never take motherhood as an excuse to not live In-Style!

- Israa Amer

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