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An organized life!

An interview with Lauren Tucker

Meet Lauren :) An inspiring Mama who is passionate about organizing her life and inspiring others to live an organized life. Her Blog “An Organized Life” strives to provide you with the tools and encouragement you need at whatever stage of the organizational process you are in. From basic organizational ideas to get you started to organizing specific life events. Her goal is to provide you with that information, bring you guest bloggers who will give you even more inspiration.

I’ve gathered my top 5 questions in this interview that would help me solve my challenges that keeps me away from having an organized life. So let’s get started 🙌🏼

I always fail at meal planning! Whenever I set a schedule for family meals I end up breaking the plan for many reasons.

1. What are your top 3 tips for beginners to start meal planning successfully & save more time?

Such an awesome question!

I think the main reason people give up on meal planning is because they try too many new recipes and ultimately burn themselves out.

Here are my top 3 tips for beginners!

1) Devote one day a month to meal planning. This may seem daunting, but if you can devote just an hour a month to planning out your meals you will take a way a huge amount of work during the week.

2) Write down a list of your family's favorite recipes that you can rotate through during a month. Next to that list, keep a copy of the corresponding recipes and ingredients so when you're meal planning everything you need is at your finger tips.

3) Have a calendar. Either digital or paper, keep a calendar with your planned meals to easily access and plan grocery lists.

2. List 3 habits/steps that would help you maintain an organized home.

1) Developing routines is a must. I have a routine of resetting spaces when we leave them so, returning the space to its original state. This doesn't mean cleaning constantly, but instead putting items away and doing a general tidy. I want to leave a space in the same state that I walked into it.

2) Identify the purpose of a space. One way I maintain order in the chaos that is life is ensuring each space in our home has a purpose, and is living up to its purpose. For example, my office space is only used as an office. You will find only office related objects in that space (no toys, clothing etc.) When I tidy the house it becomes easy to identify objects that don't belong in that space and immediately move them into the correct area. If you don't define the purpose of a space in your home, that's when clutter starts to accumulate.

3) Always be decluttering. I would love to tell you that decluttering is a once in a life time event, but for many of us (especially with children) decluttering needs to happen at least once a month. I'm always on the lookout to donate clothing or toys that no longer work for Amelia! I keep a plastic bin thats ready to go when we have a donation pick up to make things easy.


3. How do you motivate kids to help around the house?


I believe that kids, much like monkeys, imitate. Especially at a young age children will copy, so I utilize this when I have my toddler clean alongside me. She wants to do what mom's doing, so is more likely to try and help tidy and clean. Now, the one thing that needs to change is your expectation for both the amount of cleaning a child can do and the amount of time it will take to complete a task.

If you're trying to motivate bigger kids I think a chore chart is a great idea! I think it's important to have children understand that everyone in the family helps around the home, and some tasks don't have a reward associated with them, they just must get done. So, setting up a schedule for your child will help them understand the expectation of them.

4. I don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, what is your top helpful tip that would minimize kitchen work?

Meal prepping would be my best tip! When you finish a grocery trip, spending 30-60 minutes preparing ingredients for the meals in the upcoming week will save you a huge amount of prep time. For example, chopping veggies you will need for specific meal and storing them in a container, whipping up the marinade for chicken and transfering to a container before freezing everything together etc.

5. Finally, what is the MOST important step in developing an organized home & lifestyle?​

Be true to yourself, always. When you develop an organized home and life you may look around for inspiration (which I totally support!), but sometimes you can find yourself being influenced to purchase items or design spaces that don't actually work for who you are. For example, I love the aesthetic of a baby grand piano, surrounded by beautiful white candles on a fluffy white rug, but I'm not going to rush out to buy one to fit our space because it in no way would suit our life style. Before (and during) your organizational process, always remember who you are, what you love and what doesn't work for you and your family, and you will build a truly beautiful life.

Here comes the end of our incredibly informative interview with the gorgeous Lauren Tucker founder of (An Organized Life) Make sure to follow Lauren on her Instagram Account for more inspiration about organizing your life and enjoying the simple moments in it :)

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