The Ultimate Solution For Moms To Save Time

And Live In Style!

Having children is a beautiful miracle and is also so stressful, no matter how much you’ve looked forward to it or how much you love your child.

My name is Israa Amer , a wife & a mom who is in love for a life of style.

My biggest challenge as a mom of three little kids is “TIME”!

  • Time to eat “real food” not on the go kind of food!
  • Time to practice my social life having friends and family who I need to keep in touch with!
  • Time for myself spiritually , to connect with my self and with God to find inner piece and satisfaction.
  • Time to practice my passion for fashion & style.
  • Time to get ready & go out! Since I have a lot of other details and responsibilities that needs my full attention as a mom, like preparing diaper bags, snack bags etc... 

... that until I discovered the power of CHECKLISTS!

I have personally found that having a checklist in every aspect of my life, makes my life as a mom much more easier, well prepared & organized!


And that’s why I’ve written this book for you...

New Book of Checklists

This book is not about time management but is all about “Checklists” that you can easily refer to in every stage of your “NEW” lifestyle as a Mama.

Imagine how easy your life would be if you know how to prepare your new born’s diaper bag & how many minutes would you save “for yourself” if you actually have it always ready prepared in your closet for any time you decide to go out on an adventure with your little ones!

That’s the whole idea behind

“The Mama In-Style Checklist”

You will find checklists for “New born stage” , “Toddlers stage” and last but never the least a

 “Mama checklist”!

In these checklists, I put all the items that you will need in each stage of your motherhood journey to help you be well prepared & gain those extra minutes for yourself that would help you stay sane!

I divide the checklists into sections “Must-haves” : are the items that will guarantee your survival and that every mom should own!

 “Great-to-haves” are the items that makes life easier if you own it!

And finally the “nice-to-haves” are the luxury items that makes your new life as a mom more enjoyable :)

I hope you find this guide book useful & helpful :)

Plus, when you get your copy, you will receive an email invitation to join my closed Facebook Group for all the Mamas who use the checklists.

In this group, we are going to share our thoughts, all the tips & tricks that we successfully do for an easier & more cheerful lifestyle!

Order NOW!


What you can expect in this guide book are checklists as follow :


1) Newborn Clothing:

2) Hospital bag:

3) On the go “Diaper bag”:

4) Baby sleep:

5) Feeding baby:

6) “EXTRA” general baby care:

7) Baby first food:

8) Entertainment:

9) First Aid checklist for newborn & child:

Create your own customized checklist!


1) Toddler clothing:

2) On the go toddler bag:

3) On the go snack bag:

4) Bag of tricks (For dining out):

5) Toilet Training:

6) Safety toddler:

7) Beach/pool bag:

8) Airplane travel bag:

Create your own customized checklist!


1) Hospital bag:

2) General postpartum:

3) Postpartum wardrobe:

4) Staying-sane:

5) Make-up:

6) Beauty:

7) Shoes:

8) Car must-have:

Create your own checklist!

Now you can receive your copy at your doorstep by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the button below and fill the book ordering form
  2. You will receive a phone call from the shipping company within a couple of days to schedule delivery
  3. Pay in cash upon delivery
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