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A beautiful modern woman who lives In-Style!

Hanan Tehaili is a beautiful public figure and a youtube star! She is a young lady from Lebanon who was born & lives in Canada. She is also one of my favorite style icons,the way she dress is an inspiration to muslims on how to dress modesty yet look stylish!

I'm honored to have this opportunity for an interview with her on how to live a modern In-style life!

1) How do you think fashion can help women?

I think fashion is a way of self expression and speaks a little about a person. It helps women feel beautiful and confident in who they are.

2) What is your favorite source of style inspiration?

Most of the time I randomly put outfits together and they surprisingly turn out great! But the internet (google), and social media (Instagram) has made it helpful to get style inspiration from different people worldwide.

3) List 3 of your favorite practical yet stylish pieces in your closet right now.

- Black leather jacket with length! It falls down to the top of your thigh.

- Dark denim with two side slits at the ankle

- Long blush waterfall draped cardigan with a belt

4) How do you dress in-style , when you have little time to get ready?

I keep it simple and add an accessory to dress up my outfit. Be it a purse with matching heels, a statement necklace or a sparkly hijab.

5) Tell us the one secret behind being a modern in-style woman.

Get yourself all the basics/essentials every woman needs. Don't waste your $$ on having a lot of random unnecessary clothes when you can style essentials beautifully.

For more inspiration follow beautiful Hanan Tehaili on her (Instagram) account!

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