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the happy mama!

Simple yet very helpful tips by

Cherry Refaat - Happy moms! 

Sherihan Refaat known as Cherry Refaat! 

A beautiful cheerful Mama who is passionate about happiness & positive psychology.

She is a certified Mars And Venus Life Coach.

She shares her tips & daily habits that helps her find her own happiness & create her special relationship with her family <3

Follow her blog for more tips and inspiration at Cherry Refaat - Happy Moms.

List your "top 3" daily routine habits, that helps you achieve an effective productive day!

  • Some me time (10-15 minutes) before waking up the kids- usually it's coffee and some prayers time.
  • Daily plan, usually I put my needs and wants at the top of the list.
  • Doing the home chores at the evening while the kids are independent engaged in homework/play.

What is the MOST important step in your "Happiness journey" as a Mama!

•Letting go the idea of The Perfect Mother. It's an illusion, a trap and a myth.

There is no way to be a perfect mum but many ways to be a good and mostly a happy one.

What is the secret behind a good balance between your needs as a happy individual and your kid's & family needs?

  • Starting with planning ahead the weeks not the days and setting some priorities, needs and wants for each week for me and my family.
  • Planning some time for leisure and fun each week.
  • On daily basis, putting first things first-start doing the most important down to the less important.
  • Nurture the 4 dimensions the mind, body, heart and soul over the week, through small but consistent daily actions.

Top 3 practical ways to find your "Mama time" !

  • I wake up 10-15 minutes before the kids so to fill my cup to be able to fill my kids' cups as well.
  • While kids are at school it's a me time not home chores time.
  • Doing the home chores while kids are having lunch or playing around or doing homework.

How do you maintain positive vibes along with your busy lifestyle as a Mom?

  • Exercising regularly and eating balanced healthy meals. 
  • Journaling- writing down my feelings and emotions helps me vent and release negative feelings.
  • Prayer is a key, asking God for help & support.
  • Taking a day off from the to do list and enjoy whatever I want to.
  • I have a mantra that helps me so well " sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of luck!"

Happiness is a mindset and heartfelt. ~ Cherry Refaat - Happy Moms

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