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Tips & tricks from a modern "instyle" mama!

"An interview with Yasmine Medhat founder of bazarna events"

Yasmine Medhat,the super business woman founder of bazarna events. She is a beautiful young Mama to three who is extremely passionate about a happy balanced lifestyle and who perceives happiness through traveling,shopping,playing sports and serving Islam! She forever prays God to use her to change lives :)

Today I have all the pleasure to interview Yasmine as a "perfect successful model" to a modern Mama who lives vibrantly In-Style! She will be sharing with us the tips & tricks that works well with her helping her through her motherhood journey to maintain a good standard of success and happiness in her life as a mom and as a happy individual.

Now Mamas let's get started!

1) Give us your top 3 tips as a mom for overcoming a lack of motivation in your motherhood journey.

A) Create a Routine. "It's the key to staying sane"!

B) Take a break! Give yourself a break! "A break is needed for you to miss your kids, for you to think alone & for them to miss you! Take it from me, it does work magic!

C) Laugh, read & play with your kids even if it's only 10 mins a day!

2) Tell us the #1 action you do daily that helps you achieve productivity throughout your day.

Sports :)

Start your day right with a powerful prayer & Doaa, followed by sports. Choose the perfect workout for your body! Sports serves your mind, soul & body. It helps you get rid of all the negative energy & prevents depression providing you with an amazing boost of energy that helps you throughout your busy day!

3) List 3 of your favorite "daily routines" that fills your own cup as an individual and helps you take good care of yourself.

A) Workout! (Again, playing sports as a daily routine helps me maintain my energy through the day!)

B) Make a good deed (Sadaka, visit a family member, listen to a spirtual lecture, read Qur'an...)

C) Work on my business! Every Mama should invest in herself either by taking a course or learning something new like Cooking, Fashion or education ( learn something you are passionate about!) it's never too late to work & study to start your own small business.

4) You have a great sense of style! What is your secret behind being a modern/Instyle mama?

Thank you 😍

Well honestly, there are no special secrets behind it, it's just about wearing what makes me feel comfortable & what I really like.

I choose to go simple, modest yet make sure its trendy & chic! My favorite style is "oversized outfits" & "sneakers".

Generally,it is anything that goes well with my "on feet lifestyle" !

5) Mothers hardly have a social life, tell us your tips on how to maintain an active social life.

To maintain your social life, you have to keep up with a group of friends and meet up at least once per week. I like to invite friends over & I try to maintain that through always getting people together & prioritize our meetings for a cause. I always choose to mingle with other parents who share same interests, motives & educational background, I keep in touch with the school PTA & with the sports parents group & I arrange playdates with parents & kids and we go together to playing areas or the club.

Here comes the end to our interview with the beautiful inspiring Yasmine. I hope you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I do every time I read through it! Share with us the best tip that you would implement in your lifestyle! I personally enjoyed every bit and tip mentioned above, especially the "social life advice", it gives me many ideas and inspires me to work and adjust my lifestyle in a better way that helps me feel good & take care of myself in order to be able to take good care of my kids!

Never take motherhood as an excuse to not live In-Style! ~ Israa Amer

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